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dog walking

Please plan to provide the leash, collar and/or harness you would prefer to use while your dog is out for a walk. An ID tag for your pet with the pets name, phone number and address is strongly recommended. It is also helpful to leave a towel out for rainy days. All pets must be up to date on Rabies & Distemper vaccinations in order to be taken into public areas. It is strongly recommended that your pet is given regular heartworm preventatives along with flea & tick preventatives. Lucky Dux Pet Care is not responsible for any illnesses or injuries incurred on walks in the absence of gross negligence. Keeping your dogs happy, healthy & safe is my priority!


Cold Weather:

In case of snow and ice, plan to have your driveway and walkway cleared to allow safe access to the home. If access if deemed unsafe, Lucky Dux Pet Care reserves the right to cancel the walk, and charge for the service. If a path is cleared, there may be situations where the roads are deemed unsafe to travel  and/or where there is limited walking space for pedestrians.  In weather conditions where the temperature is below freezing, or when the roads are unsafe for pedestrians,  Lucky Dux Pet Care reserves the right to offer a bathroom break to the pet, and then indoor playtime for the scheduled visit at the agreed upon fee.  I do not want any of the pets under my care to suffer from frostbite, or to be subject to dangerous traffic, and I thank you for your understanding.

Hot Weather:

In temperatures over 95 degrees Fahrenheit a close eye will be kept on your pet during walks to make sure they are not overheating and their access to hot pavement will also be limited. If your pet looks like they are becoming overheated, Lucky Dux Pet Care reserves the right to stop the walk, and to travel back to the home seeking more comfortable temperatures, cold water, and rest. In these situations the client will be notified and I will stay with your pet for the scheduled visit at the agreed upon fee.



If you are on vacation during winter months, please plan to have a person designated to plow your driveway so there is access to the home.  Please also designate a neighbor who would be willing to come visit the home if a driving ban is issued, and Lucky Dux Pet Care is unable to safely travel to your home. I will plan to make all arrangements needed with neighbors and your emergency contact personnel to ensure that your pet is cared for if I am unable to be there for any reason.

Mail and small packages will be brought inside while you are away. If you have ordered packages over 25 llbs or packages which are large and cumbersome, please make arrangements with a friend or family member to bring them in. Large/heavy packages create a flight risk for your pet as well as a hazard for the pet care provider.

Vacation Visits for Dogs:

There is a minimum requirement for at least 3 visits per day for dogs in need of care while you are away. Lucky Dux Pet Care feels that dogs should have at least 3 visits during a 24 hour period. If you are a dog owner and prefer to have less than 3 visits per day from Lucky Dux Pet Care, you must make other arrangements with friends, family members or neighbors to come visit your dog so they are not alone for extended amounts of time.  Thank you for understanding, this policy is made with your pet’s well-being in mind.

Outdoor Pets:

If you have a cat or other pet that is allowed outdoors unsupervised during the day, please know that during the time I am visiting, your pet will be kept inside unless under direct supervision. Since I cannot control outside circumstances (cars, coyotes, etc…) it is in the best interest of your pet to be kept indoors.  I want to make sure that when you come home, your pets are happy, healthy and safe!


If you have scheduled your pet to be transported to an outdoor adventure, to an appointment or for any other purpose, please be sure to notify Lucky Dux Pet Care to make any appropriate arrangements for safe travel.  Some dogs enjoy sticking their head out the car window during travel, however to maintain safety measures, all windows in the back of the car will remain shut with the child-safety lock on, and appropriate temperatures will be maintained inside the car.

Thank you for your understanding.



Payment for regular weekly visits are requested on Friday afternoons at the end of each work week. Lucky Dux accepts cash, check, Venmo or Paypal. Payments for the week must be completed by midnight on Saturdays. There will be a $10 late fee for any outstanding balance paid after that time.

Lucky Dux Pet Care requests a 24 hour notice for cancellations. If the cancellation is under 24 hours, there will be a $15 charge to the account.

In the event of a "no show" where Lucky Dux arrives for the scheduled visit and is not needed, the full rate will be applied.


Vacation Visits:

Payment for scheduled vacation visits is due on the first visit. Lucky Dux accepts cash, check or Venmo or Paypal. Note: Checks will not be cashed until all vacation visits are completed.

Lucky Dux requires a 5 day notice for vacation visit cancellations. If the cancellation is under 5 days, the client will be charged 50% of the agreed upon services.


If there is an emergency, the client will be contacted immediately so that Lucky Dux Pet Care can take the appropriate actions necessary to ensure the safety and health of your pet. As stated in the consent form, in the event the client and their emergency contacts cannot be reached in a timely manner, Lucky Dux Pet Care reserves the right to transport your pet to their veterinarian or to an emergency room (i.e. Cape Cod Veterinary Specialists) to seek veterinary care. Lucky Dux Pet Care will follow the advice of the medical professionals to make decisions for your pet that would result in the best possible outcome for their health and well-being.

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