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About Me

My name is Sara Corey, and I started this business in January of 2017. I am so grateful for how wonderfully it has grown over the years!​ My enthusiasm for working with animals began when I started volunteering at the MSPCA Boston Shelter at the age of 13. For over twenty years, I have continued to pursue my passion: working with rescue groups, providing private pet care, and supervising and caring for dogs at a dog daycare and boarding facility. I am fully insured and certified in Pet CPR & First Aid. I have also I worked with a number of different trainers to gain knowledge in dog behavior. With two dogs of my own, I started my business with the goal of providing the same loving care to your pets as I do for mine.


When hiring someone to care for my own animals, I wanted someone who was excited to see them, who appreciated their quirks, who truly enjoyed spending quality time with them, and who would make sure they were healthy and safe. In starting this business, it came naturally to become that same pet caretaker for my clients. Each day, I look forward to the joy and fun that will come from spending time with your beloved pets. I do not just see them as animals, but as family members, deserving of all the happiness life has to bring! My goal in providing pet care for you and your furry friends is to make sure that no matter what, they are safe, healthy, and happy!

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